3. 4.8 billionaires metro to the airport

  1. 4.8 billion subway to the airport: Transport Minister Arslan announced that they demand a YPK decision for the Gayrettepe-New Airport Rail System with an investment of 4 billion 816 million 744 thousand 896 liras in order to train them for the Istanbul New Airport Project. Arslan also emphasized that 35 percent of the work has been completed.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, was included in the 1 Investment Program within the framework of Article 2011 of the 'Decree Law on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication', which was published in the Official Gazette dated 15 November 2014. Within the scope of Airport Rail System Line Survey-Project work, 3 kilometers long Gayrettepe-New Airport and 34 kilometers long Halkalı- New Airport, planned as a total of 65 kilometers of the rail system line, the first phase of the Gayrettepe-New Airport section of the project, EIA Certificate and feasibility studies were completed.
Start the procurement process
Reminding that the Decree of the Council of Ministers to undertake the construction of the said line by the Ministry was published in the Official Gazette on September 1, Arslan said, “Gayrettepe with an investment cost of approximately 2018 billion 4 million 816 thousand 744 TL in order to train the Istanbul New Airport Project, which is planned to be opened in 896. - We requested YPK Decision to be taken with our letter sent to the Ministry of Development regarding the inclusion of construction, electromechanical and vehicle procurement works of the New Airport Rail System line section to the 2016 investment program. "If the YPK decision is taken, tender procedures will be initiated."
Minister Arslan, the aviation industry in the country stating that they make every place reached by the airlines, said that as of today no 55 airports in Turkey. Pointing out that Istanbul's new airport will be the world's largest airport, Arslan stated that in the first quarter of 2018, the first stage, addressing 90 million passengers, will be opened and offered to the service of the world. Minister of Transport Arslan stated that they foresee the airport to reach its full capacity approximately 90-2 years after the opening of the first stage with a capacity of 3 million people.
“When the second phase of the airport is completed in the long term, it will serve 2 million passengers. While we are going to the target of 200 million passengers, we do not want all 200 million to be made and half of them remain idle. Therefore, after completing 200 million, we will start by planning stage by stage, depending on the passenger increase rate. Eventually, it will reach 90 million, but we will never create idle capacity. We will gradually move to 200 million, 90 million, 150 million so that idle capacity does not occur, and we cannot waste national resources. "
'Ultimate' security: new additions are coming
Limak Holding Deputy Chairman Sezai Fincansız said, “3. We have no security concerns at the airport. However, we will be more careful with new additions ”.
In addition to Turkey and in the world of terrorism, July 15 security measures immediately after the coup attempt is raised everywhere. 2018, which is still under construction, will be commissioned in 3. Airport also added.
We will be more carefull
Meeting with a group of journalists, Limak Holding Deputy Chairman Sezai Fincansız also explained the security measures planned to be taken at the 3rd Airport. Stating that the security projects have not been completed yet, Fincansız said, “We will be more careful. Only Turkey, we will do that extra plans with regard to the terrorist attacks on airports in the world. " Stating that they do not have any concerns about security, but new additions will be made, Fincansız said that the security will be at the highest level. With the completion of the first phase of the project, whose construction works continue rapidly, a capacity of 90 million passengers will be created. It is stated that when all phases of the Third Airport are completed, it will reach 200 million passenger capacity.
Arslan pointed out that the planes coming to the airports create added value by using the air corridors in the country, and said that every plane landing pays 'landing and accommodation fee' and that every passenger pays a price. Arslan pointed out that a plane departing from the USA, due to the size and capacity of the Istanbul 3rd airport, can land in Istanbul and depart again and go to China, Japan, Korea and Africa, thus meaning that transit travel creates an added value for the country. stated that he was coming.
10.2 billion euro investment

  1. As of August 2016, a total of 800 thousand 18 people are employed, including white-collar employees. 500 is expected to be commissioned in February. The total investment cost of the project will reach 2018 billion euros.

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