15 New Vehicle to Izmir Metro

15 New Vehicles Coming to İzmir Metro This Month: While the first 182 of 95 new vehicles, which will increase the number of vehicles of İzmir Metro to 15, are expected to be in İzmir this month, the manufacturer 15-person Chinese technical team from the company came to Izmir
CRRC Tanghsan company team has been working on the unloading of the metro vehicles from the ship, their assembly into a set, their static and dynamic controls and the realization of field tests before temporary acceptance. will support its staff. The Chinese technical team, who came to Izmir before the new metro vehicles, started to receive training on technical safety rules first, and as the vehicles continue to arrive, the number of teams that the manufacturer will assign in Izmir will reach 30.
The first 10 of the CRRC metro vehicles will be in the coming days, and the remaining 5 vehicles of the first section will be in Izmir by the end of the month. Thus, the number of vehicles reaching Izmir this month will reach 15. 2016 more in November 40 and 2017 more in March 40 will come to Izmir for tests, so the set of 95 vehicles will be completed.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 17:09

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