1,5 million Izmir free internet enjoyment

1,5 million Izmir's free internet enjoyment: With the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's NET WizmirNET in, 1 has benefited from 1,5 million user wireless internet service in the year. 30 is connected to the wireless network at different points by the people of Izmir WizmirNET smartphones, tablets and portable computers were connected to life.
2015 million users benefit from the free internet service offered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 1,5. With the WizmirNET wireless network, the residents of the city have been using 30 for the first time, only the first registration can take the password, the same password from all points automatically connected to the internet easily enter the Izmir people, expressed satisfaction with the expansion of the application network.
Very easy to use
In order to use WizmirNET wireless network, after connecting to WizmirNET broadcast name (SSID) in areas where free internet service is available, it is automatically redirected to the home page and after filling in all the necessary information on the registration page, this message is completed and the mobile phone receives a message with password information. If desired, you can create a new password via the üst Change Password “button in the top menu on the WizmirNET connection status page.
30 is at point
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's areas of use for wireless internet use include: Gündoğdu Square, Kültürpark (Fair), Konak Square, Passport, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, Historical Gas Plant, Buca Hasanağa Sports Complex, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center, Sasalı Wildlife Park, Bostanlı Beach, Çamdibi Atatürk Park, Bornova Büyükpark, Aliağa Democracy Square, Bergama Cumhuriyet Square, Beydağ (TOTEM), Çeşme Square, Dikili Square, Foça Municipality Square, Güzelbahçe Pier, Karaburun Center, Kemalpaşa 8 Eylül Quarter, Kınık Square, Kiraz Park, Menemen Square, Ödemiş 3 September Teyyare Park, Seferihisar Cultural Center and Square, Selçuk Ahmet Ferahlı Park, Tire Pool Park, Urla Square, Halkapınar Metro Station.

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