Domestic Production Scissor Transport Wagon Passed All Tests

scissor and panel transport wagon
scissor and panel transport wagon

📩 21/11/2021 09:07

The scissor carriage wagon, which was designed as a prototype in 2015 and was put out to tender, is now on the rails. Standing out with its design, the wagon has very functional features. Thanks to this new wagon, the scissors can be transported on rails from the manufacturing place to the assembly place without being disassembled.

The company that won the tender, which was 5 units, is Solentek company from Bursa. The tender, whose approximate cost was 7 million TL, was awarded to 4.095.000 TL. The first wagons produced as 5 units, Solentek It was manufactured in the factory of the company in Bursa and delivered to TCDD.

When the wagons produced in accordance with TSI approval are coupled in a set of 3, the 75-meter-long scissors can be transported in one go. The wagon, which has a mechanism that can place the shears transported in an inclined position, and the scissors placed in place at once, both increase the assembly speed and prevent rail deformation that may occur during transportation.

New Scissor Transport Wagon (MTV) With a weight of 40 tons, the wagon can carry up to 40 tons of scissors.

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