Details on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The details of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge were clear: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge said about the vehicle toll, ve Our people will not pass with dollars here, only the calculation is dollar based. Cars 9 pounds 90 penny can pass, Otomobil he said.
Minister Ahmet Arslan, found evaluations on the agenda.
15 stated that the coup attempt in July led to important results in terms of Turkish politics. I We have seen that such a treason is never expected by our people. None of us predicted that the tank, the ball, the plane, the helicopter, taken with the money of our people, could be bullets on our people. He saw that all the citizens of the tongs of someone did not recognize the border to make treachery. "He said.
Such an initiative of the political parties and all people can act together with the voicing Arslan Arslan, said it is a very important issue.
Stating that there were no disruptions in the projects after the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, Minister Arslan said, "We are in an effort to finish all our major projects in accordance with our calendars, even earlier if possible." said.
Regarding the tolls of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Arslan explained that the reason why the toll was dollar-based is because it is an international project.
In the contract, ve 1 is based on the dollar rate in January, converted to TL and this will be valid for a year. Yıl Noting that the statement of Arslan, the contract in the 3 dollar plus VAT and there are years of change depending on the said.
Arslan continued his words as follows:
“Our people should definitely know that they will not pass on dollars in any way. There is no such thing. The Republic of Turkey is so worth the TL kazanIt is not possible for us to do a dollar-based business while we are trying to do it, and it is not true. Calculation is based on dollars. 9 lira and 90 cents in current money. Cars will be able to pass 9,9 liras. As the vehicles grow, prices change depending on the axle. 21,29 lira for the truck. It will be valid until the end of this year. On January 1, a figure will be determined in TL again, depending on the dollar rate, and it will be valid for one year. In no way does the citizen have anything to do with dollars.”
'Haydarpasa Station will continue to serve'
History Haydarpasa Train Station is a symbolic value for the country and railways describing the Arslan, around the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul about the construction of a transformation project is continuing work, he said. Stating that the work to be included in the Haydarpaşa Port will add value to Istanbul, Arslan said, ı With YHT, we expect to reach Istanbul and then move to the European side. Especially from Ayrılıkçeşme, Üsküdar from the sea to Europe under the transition. However, not all YHTs going to Istanbul will cross, some will pass, some will be in the historical Haydarpasa Station. Haydarpasa Train Station, YHT'lerle Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey and will continue to serve as a railway station in our country.
'3. The airport is going as planned and predicted '
Minister Ahmet Arslan, 15 July coup attempt, including nothing, Istanbul 3. Noting the Airport Project, em Istanbul 3. Let our people know that there will be no financial problems related to the airport. 3. The airport is going as we planned and predicted. Hopefully, in the first quarter of 2018, we will open the first stage of 90 to address million passengers. İn
Fonksiyon Those who were removed from the TIB had no function uzaklaştır
Arslan recalled that they had previously declared the Telecommunication Communication Presidency (TIB) to be incorporated into the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) within the scope of the state of emergency (OHAL), and said:
Tamamen With the Decree that came within the scope of OHAL, these relations were interrupted, but I would like to point out that these people were already completely removed when the functions of TIB and TIB were carried out after 17-25. Therefore, our colleagues who have worked for the last 2-2,5 years in the TIB have made an extraordinary effort to create a TIB which will not be a tool for traitors in a cansiperane way. They perform these duties at TİB. TİB was already an affiliate of the ICTA but as of today it will be completely removed, let's say the autonomous structure. These functions will be chaired by BTK. In the minds of the citizen, there was a perception that the people in the wrong were still in charge of their duties.

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