X-ray measure against FETO in Alsancak and Aliağa ports

X-ray measures against FETÖ at Alsancak and Aliağa ports: One of the points where measures against FETÖ were implemented was ports. Police teams and customs offices took action upon intelligence that money could be taken abroad by container to be used in the financing of the organization.
The precautions for the FETÖ / PDY structuring are also reflected in İzmir's Alsancak and Aliağa ports.
While the operations continue for the FETÖ / PDY structuring, which carried out an unsuccessful coup attempt on July 15, the measures taken to dry the organization's money resources also draw attention.
One of the points where the measures were implemented was the ports. According to the information obtained in order to be used for financing the organization of the container with the foreign currency can be removed from the police teams and customs directorates took action.
All TIRs that will enter the ports in İzmir Alsancak Port and Aliağa ports and carry containers have been obliged to pass through the x-ray device. It was learned that the teams inspected all containers one by one with this device method. It is stated that the containers in other ports have also been moved here because there is only an X-ray device in Nemport Port in Aliağa.
Police teams took precautions
With the application, it was stated that the trucks, which were taken inside the Alsancak Port C Gate, were pulled into the empty area inside the port and the vehicles listed here were checked one by one, and the loading was carried out only after detailed control in order to prevent traffic in the city center. Police teams were observed to take measures at the port entrances.
On the other hand, due to the lack of x-ray equipment at the ports, the customs consultancy and the firms are experiencing difficulties due to delay.

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