Turkey's first FIATA Diplomas Winners

Turkey's first FIATA Diplomas Winners: International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD and Istanbul Technical University of jobs held by union FIATA Diploma in Education graduation ceremony August 17 on Wednesday, was held in Taksim intercontinental Hotel.
Making the opening speech at the ceremony where FIATA Diploma Training graduates received the FIATA Diploma, FIATA Air Cargo Certificate and the Logistics Specialization Certificate issued by ITU, UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin said, “As UTIKAD, we are proud and happy to meet our colleagues with FIATA Diploma Training”.
UTIKAD, the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers, signed a first in the logistics sector. 150 country where about 10 million people are employed, applied 40 thousand hauling organizer and logistics companies representing the International Carriage Works Organizers Federation of Associations in many countries by FIAT FIATA Diploma in Education gave its first graduates in Turkey. 25 participant 17, who completed the FIATA Diploma Training organized by UTİKAD and İstanbul Technical University, got their diplomas at the graduation ceremony held at Taksim InterContinental Hotel on Wednesday.
At the graduation ceremony, where 25 participants who successfully completed the FIATA Diploma Training received their diplomas, UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, UTIKAD Vice Chairman Emre Eldener, UTIKAD Former Chairman and FIATA Honorary Member Kosta Sandalcı, UTIKAD Board Member and FIATA Logistics Academy Mentor Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, UTIKAD Board Member and Airline Working Group Chairman Arif Badur, UTIKAD Board Member and Head of Customs and Warehouse Working Group Ahmet Dilik, UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, ITU Business Faculty Industrial Engineering Department Lecturer and FIATA Diploma Training Coordinator Assoc. . Dr. Murat Baskak and FIATA Diploma Training instructors attended.
UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin, who made the opening speech of the graduation ceremony, expressed that as UTIKAD experienced the pride and happiness of bringing the logistics sector together with international education. Underlining the importance of education Turgut Erkeskin, es Education is not only a sine qua non for our sector, of course. However, vocational education has a special importance in the logistics sector where information is managed. This prestigious education in the 150 country of the world should be considered as a master's degree program with the content of theoretical knowledge as well as with the content of our sector. Moreover, the participants have taken part in this training with the experience of at least two years to carry their existing knowledge to world standards. Kal
Erkeskin also touched upon the importance of cooperating with a well-established university like ITU in the structuring of the program. I would like to express my gratitude to the members of MNG Airlines, UN RO-RO and Ekol Logistics on behalf of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD for their support on these field visits. Bu
Congratulating the FIATA Diploma Training participants who completed the 288-hour challenging training process, Erkeskin said, “25 of our colleagues have been awarded the FIATA Diploma and FIATA Air Cargo Certificate, which are valid in 150 countries, as well as the Logistics Specialization Certificate issued by ITU. I wish the continuation of his success ”and concluded his words.
After Erkeskin, ITU Faculty of Industrial Engineering Department Faculty Member and FIATA Diploma Education Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Murata President, this comprehensive training offered his thanks to UTIKAD managed to bring together the logistics sector in Turkey. Acknowledging the participants who completed the challenging and long-term training program, Assoc. Dr. Murat Baskak said, aya Our participants were awarded with ITU Logistics Expertise Certificate together with FIATA Diploma. Emphasizing that the FIATA Diploma Training is different from other logistics trainings, Baskak said that the interest of the sector in education and the participants' satisfaction with the feedback, and that they will continue the same success in the coming years after completing this first year with success. FI
UTIKAD Board Member and Mentor of FIATA Logistics Academy Kayıhan as Turan Özdemir restructuring program and great effort to implement the UTIKAD in Turkey underlines be made. Turan said, sonunda The result we experienced today has emerged at the end of a long process and labor. We thank everyone who has contributed. With the FIATA Diploma, it is possible to practice our profession in the 150 country of the world. Sharing the happiness of our participants also gives us honor. Katılım
The members received their diplomas from UTİKAD Board of Directors members and İTÜ members and expressed their satisfaction. Cihan Özkal from the participants, “I'm in the sector from 1990. However, our profession is developing at any moment. The FIATA Diploma Training, which I attended to be able to follow this development closely, enabled me to be together with my young colleagues and showed us the mistakes we know right. Bu
Graduation celebration ended with a cocktail after the ceremony.
New training period 1 starts in October
The FIATA Diploma Training Program, organized in collaboration with UTIADAD and ITU, starts 2016-2017 academic year at 1 October 2016. The logistics sector employees, who include all modes of transport and who want to participate in this logistics training where participation is limited to 30, can pre-register at egitim@utikad.org.tr.

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