Trainload of Nazi Gold in Poland

In Poland, the trainload of Nazi gold spells: At the end of the Second World War in Poland, the excavations began on the discovery of a train full of gold, jewels and weapons believed to be hidden before the Soviet Union invaded Poland.
In August last year, with a Polish and a German city of Walbrzych near the ground could work under the radar with the help of an armored train wagons were identified. The train wagons were 8-9 meters deep and about 100 meters long.
While scientific researchers deny the claims made, the excavation project sözcüSü Andrzej Gaik said that the huge train had no needles in the hay pile and they would find the train of course.
Stating that they believe there are weapon prototypes in train wagons sözcüHowever, local residents believe that the Nazis hid gold in wagons before the Red Army arrived.
Sözcü The Polish TV station TVP said in a news program that everything would happen on Thursday.

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