Train Station Hope Passengers No More

The train station's passengers are no longer available: Seasonal workers in Diyarbakir and its vicinity have been traveling on buses that are more inconvenient for their voyage journeys due to the train service that has been canceled for the 2 years.
Seasonal workers living in Diyarbakır and the neighboring provinces are now leaving in the bus stations due to train departures from the Diyarbakır Train Station. The train station 2 has not been able to witness the journeys of seasonal workers.
Workers living in Diyarbakir and the surrounding provinces and in the summer months to work in seasonal jobs in other cities of the country 2 for years instead of the train bus. Workers who prefer trains because they have a lot of things in the previous years and are more suitable because of the high speed trains which are used in Ankara and after, now make bus trips. High-speed trains run from Diyarbakir to Ankara. The high speed trains used after Ankara caused many flights to be canceled. Workers found it difficult to travel in two different places by bus, so the bus found their journey.
Providing information about the canceled train services and the trainers instead of the train journey, the train station in Diyarbakir said that the trains departing from Diyarbakir went up to Ankara with the start and expansion of high-speed train services. Passenger 2 times in this case, expressing that the train had to change the officer, it is very difficult for workers who have a lot of things and therefore preferred the buses passed. Buses for the seasonal workers are more expensive, but 2 times more comfortable than changing the train who noted that the record about 2 years at the train station began the journey of the bus station is no longer passed.

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:24

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