The number of women in the rail system will double

The number of women in the rail system will be doubled: In Samsun, 6 will be launched from 14 to 30. In this context, a new course was opened for the female citizen to be recruited within the scope of on-the-job training program. 32 woman, 744 hour started training.
10 2010 43 14 200 32 15 50 30. The study was carried out to increase the number of women's homes by Samulaş (Samsun Project Transportation Construction Investment Industry and Trade Inc.) operating the Light Rail System. Samulaş, in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency, opened a vocational training course within the scope of on-the-job training program. At the interview stage, 744 applied to become a female light rail system. After the elimination, 16 started the 26 Women's Rail Systems Technology Course at the same year. The theoretical and practical training for women participating in the course with 20 employment guaranteed was given by Samulaş Education and Human Resources Chief Koral Alten. XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Samulaş Operations Manager Sevilay Germi, the light rail system XNUMX stall, XNUMX said that the kilometer route, while serving, said:
In The trainings of the candidates are continuing. Especially the female citizen was preferred to be employed. We preferred to increase the number of female employees and also to follow the rules of female citizens and to have more success rates. Citizens also receive positive reactions to women. This is a profession with high responsibility, but women are doing this in the best way. Sorum
Hilal Karakaya, a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration, stated that her grandfather was a retired train mechanic, and that her father was also the officer of a retired train.
Var Because of my grandfather's and my father's profession, I also have a curiosity from trains to childhood. When I heard that this course was open, I wanted to do the job of my grandfather and applied. We started the course, it's going very well. We are very excited and I want to complete the course and make a homeland. the 300 rail system is entrusted to you. It's a very serious thing to be careful about. We are also aware of the heavy responsibility of the business. İş
Sümeyye Tomar, who stated that she preferred to study in kindergartens or kindergarten instead of working in kindergarten or kindergarten, said m I was enthusiastic and happy when I saw women. I said why not do it and I was chosen. My mother also admitted that I could not be elected even because she could not meet all the requirements. It's a tough profession, but I believe I will. I could have been a kindergarten teacher, but I find myself more prone to this profession. Now I'm going to be a train engineer to take care of the children. Çocuklar

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