They stayed in class again

They were still in the classroom: After the first local tram and metro vehicle, it is now trying to present the metrobus produced in Bursa as the work of the Metropolitan Municipality.
He probably thinks he is a manufacturer ...
He thinks he's wasting his money on the city money.
Let's see when we will see "50 percent savings with local BRT" advertisements on the billboards.
You can't think of a good thing when you say savings, right? Don't make such a mistake!
Please note that they did raise hike on top of the mass transportation after saying that they have saved 50 percent!
They said without any shame that Bursa's money was kept in their pocket thanks to the management of İşbilen.
After declaring Bursa as a domestic production base, they went and bought Europe's scrap wagons, you remember ...
Almost every day malfunctioned by the wagons on the road because of the Bursalılar was simply miserable.
It was difficult to breathe even if you were traveling in cars that were traveling in the form of fish!
The mentality that murdered Bursa, saying that the local wagon will come and the troubles will end, as if someone else has taken the scraps, again victimized everyone.
Durmazlar Dream City wagon made by the new electronic fault has been on the track!
After the wreckage of the people of Bursa, this so-called new wagon also found its own in a big ordeal.
Stopped flights, overflowing stations ...
At full-time, at the 35 temperature!
There is such a light rail system line in Bursa that there is no place to pull the broken wagon.
Unless someone comes and repairs the malfunctioning tool, you're doomed to wait on the entire line.
If you lay on the floor and not the bottom of the rails, what do you think we'll do now.
Let's see now if you can create a parking line because the road is on both sides!
If you don't have to learn anything, continue laying tram lines over the ground.
After all, you don't have the slightest concern about the future of the city ...
"Wagons can become a new childhood disease," said Levet Fidansoy, General Manager of BURULAŞ, one of the chief architects of the public transportation disgrace in Bursa. We have lived in Siemens and Bombardier companies before, unfortunately it can happen, ”he said after the breakdown of the new wagons.
Why were the scraps malfunctioning? Well, Mr. Fidansoy, did they also have old age?
Incompetent be you, you can not handling this job, the number of Turkey's most expensive public transportation services is not difficult to admit that you are one of the most infamous way Fidansoy offer?

Source: Yaman Kaya - I