Sivas OSB Grows with TÜDEMSAŞ's Business Partners (Photo Gallery)

Sivas OSB Grows with TÜDEMSAŞ's Business Partners: Governor Davut Gül made a visit to the companies working with TÜDEMSAŞ in the Organized Industrial Zone and said 2 to expand the companies in the company. In the request, saying that they found in place of the Organized Industrial Zone, after Turkey's Sivas railroad industry said would become a center in the world
Governor Davut Gül visited some companies working with TÜDEMSAŞ and met with company officials. Gül, who received information about the facilities from the authorities, was accompanied by TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan and Organized Industrial Zone Manager Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu. Gül visited 6 facilities belonging to GökYapı, RC Özbal Çelik, Mahir Yapı / Özbudak Çelik, Dövsa / Khan Çelik Forging Industry and Merve İnşaat, which include activities such as wagon production, revision, maintenance, and spare parts production. Being a center in the industry is a big gain for the city. TÜDEMSAŞ guides these companies in terms of quality, research and development. Therefore, Sivas is breaking its shell in this sense. ”
'' This center has come up to a certain level with its quality certificate and competition and exportation, '' said Governor Gül, who conveyed that Sivas is a center in the railway wagon industry.
The next stage is that the 6 facility is in need of new locations to expand its investments and starts with the 2. Within the scope of the Organized Industrial Zone, the Governor Gül stressed that all of the companies had their demands there. Olduğun They will grow their own businesses and compete more easily. Under the leadership of TÜDEMSAŞ, it is a profit for Sivas to be the center of railway wagon industry. What exactly is TUDEMSAS doing? TÜDEMSAŞ is doing business together. He leads these. In terms of quality, R & D means the way. Therefore, Sivas breaks its shell in this sense. Sivas is breaking the OSB shell Sivas.
In the following statement, Gul said:
Ğinde With the exports we will make in the next stage, the railway wagon industry is one of the few centers on Sivas, wherever it is in the world, especially in Europe. I congratulate our industrialists who invest here. They use local and national technology. This is a technology that captures both in Turkey and in the world. "
After the speech of Governor Davut Gül, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçarslan thanked Governor Gül and said, D It gave us a great acceleration. He didn't break us. Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. instructions in Turkey with our President, I came to work in Sivas in central Europe Middle East and the creation of freight cars. I've been here since 4 years. But with the arrival of the Governor, we have come to the finale of our 4 annual work in a very short time. 2. There are demands from various international companies to the Organized Industry. Our governor personally welcomes all of our investors, and is interested in all kinds of support. Bütün
Speaking later, General Manager of Gök Yapı Nurettin Yıldırım stated that their duty as industrialist in the troubled period was to invest and keep the economy alive.
Yildirim said, hız We had been making investments in line with the directives given to us by the government, but everyone here said, 'Does investments stop or will there be problems?' We will accelerate our investments with the support of our Governor, Mr. General Manager. We'il increase employment. We pursue the goal of demonstrating the strength of the entire world economy by keeping Turkey. We thank them very much for their support. Our goal is to have a say in Sivas in Turkey and especially in the railroad industry. We can make every piece we do as much as we can national and domestic. El
Yildirim said, Yıldırım Our work continues. Of course, our certification processes are over. In the coming days, I hope we will give information about this. We have some calls. There are projects that we are about to finish, sign their agreements. Hopefully soon after the export will begin. This process takes 4-5 years. We are unable to export a non-certified wagon. But we have completed this process. In the coming 1-2 we will give the news as follows Ön.
Finally, Merve Construction General Manager Turgut Doymuş said that they are working together with TÜDEMSAŞ and said, D We carry out revision and maintenance works of wagons. We are a company that has infrastructure from the past. We have been serving to TÜDEMSAŞ since 90. 4-5 has a struggle, a struggle for years. We have grown our business in the same way. Biz



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