Samsun Railway Station-Blue Lights Rail System Line Opens on August 15

Samsun Gar-Mavi Işıklar Rail System Line Opens on August 15: Deputy Secretary General of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt said that the section up to the Gar-Mavi Işıklar Training, Recreation and Rehabilitation Center-Camp in the rail system will be put into service on August 15.
In Samsun, the 14 to be built between Gar-Tekkeköy and 30 will reach the kilometer, and the citizens will have the opportunity to go to the Tekkeköy district of Ondokuz Mayıs University by train.
Mustafa Yurt, who explained about the opening of the new route, said: Yurt The section between the Garage Directorate of the new tram line and the Blue Lights Rehabilitation Center will be opened until August. On October, the whole line will be completed. In this gloomy environment in which our country in Turkey in spite of everything that made our nation great work we want to show. Instead of constantly experiencing bad events, we are trying to show that our people are made of beautiful things despite all kinds of sabotage in our country. 15 We will open the first stage of this line that we will open in October until the Blue Lights. In this event, we realize Turkey in the first months of the occupation movement. It is a nice service for our country and our country is getting better than 10. We are going to serve our people in the month. ay
”4 stall will be put into service“
Stating that the routes will be opened to the service, Yurt said, Doğ With the opening of this route, after the Gar Station in the east direction of the tram line, the total 4 stops will be put into service with the addition of Samsunspor, Doğupark and Mavi Işıklar. The total length of this new line covers more than 3 km. The next step will be the opening of new routes. Our next goal is to offer the sample to the service of our people until the Sample Industry. 15 We will try to offer our new route to our people after 15 days from August. As soon as we have the opportunity, we will put the new routes into service as soon as we finish. I wish the new services to be beneficial to our people. Yeni

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