Railroad workers strike in England

Strike by rail workers in Britain: Southern rail company, which runs trains between the southern cities of England and London, went on a 5-day strike.
The Southern railway company, which runs train services between the southern cities of England and the capital London, went on a 5-day strike to protest new plans that would lead to the layoffs of the platform staff.
Due to the first long-term strike in the country after about 50 years, there are disruptions in transportation to cities in the south of the country and Gatwick Airport in the south of London.
A statement from the Southern company on the strike stated that it was attempted to affect the passengers in the least amount of the strike.
Southern employees oppose the plans of the train gates to be operated by the conductors using the camera system, arguing that the number of platform employees who control the opening and closing of the train doors in the current state will be reduced in the framework of the new implementation.
The General Secretary of Railways, Seaports and Transport Union (RMT) Mick Cash, who organized the strike, said in a statement about the developments that they wanted to draw attention to the security concerns by the strike decision, and said that their priorities are more than the profit of the railway security.
Some passengers who face reprisals and cancellations have been able to work from home during the week, while those who do not have the option to rent a car or other alternative transportation options have been observed.
The strike will end on Friday night at 23.59 local time.
The longest railway strike in the UK took place in 1968.



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