CHP's proposal to name the 3rd Bridge Pir Sultan Abdal

Name proposal from the CHP for the 3rd Bridge Pir Sultan Abdal: Then that bridge can turn into a bridge of hearts between the settled state mind and Alevi citizens.
CHP group vice-president Özgür Özel, the AK Party government 3. He made a call for intimacy over the bridge. Specially, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in the group meeting on Tuesday, the warm messages of the Alevis and 15 after the July coup attempt in the process of dialogue between parties evaluated the environment. 3. Bridge, Pir Sultan Abdal'in suggesting the name of the Special, "That is the bridge at that time, the resident state can turn into a bridge of heart among the Alevi citizens," he said.
"The AKP says" we understand the opposition, "but it does so by word. Turkey to manage and as before, 'course I got used to say' it's pointless. The Prime Minister's speech was meaningful. He says nice things about Alevis. On the other hand, he is praising Yavuz Sultan Selim. A very important part of Alevis see Yavuz as one of the sufferers of the Alawites. There is a need for concretion. If you say that a coup was done and if you say that the coup resisted the parliament, why did you need OHAL, why did you seek refuge in the Decree? In the positive words about the Alevis, let's call the Prime Minister Pir Sultan Abdal. Let's give the name of Hacı Bektaş Veli. It is then that the bridge can be transformed into a heartfelt bridge between Alawite citizens and the built state.
"If caught 15 July spirit she has a soul, it would not only has applauded the coup opposition to each other," said Special, "Abdullah Recep Tayyip Olçok should also be Turkey's martyrs, Berkin Elvan should also be Turkey's martyrs. Because 15 If you don't act like you did before July, you'll see a flaw in the Gezi process may

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