Preacher: Reş-Astara railway will be built with the partnership of Azerbaijan Republic

Iran's Ministry of Communication and Technology, Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan agreed on the railway project between Rasht-Astara.
İRİB news agency reported that the Minister of Communication and Technology of Iran, Mahmoud Vaizi, yesterday evening by phone in a television program, 175 km. He said that the length of the Rasht-Astara Railway Project required a billion dollars in budget and that the 500 million dollars would be provided by the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Stating that the North-South corridor railway, which will connect India to Europe, will be completed, Vaizi stated that by the end of this year, the Astara-Astara railway will be connected to the Azerbaijani railway.
His predecessor said that lifting visas between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan would provide great facilities for the merchants of the two countries and that visas would now be issued at the airport and that visas would be lifted in the second stage.
On the first day of the two-day visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Baku, a two-day 6 cooperation agreement was signed.
The authorities of the two countries, North-South transport corridor, Telecommunications security, cooperation in the field of Standardization, the cooperation of the two countries, cooperation in the field of tourism, cooperation in the field of vegetative quarantine, cooperation between the two countries Central Banks.

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