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Buses to talk: Denizli Six Dot Blind Association, visually impaired passengers to use public buses for the easy use of voice signalization to initiate a signature campaign launched. For the signature campaign on the Change.org site, the president of the association, Lawyer Reşat Göcen, said, ı This arrangement is needed for the buses to see us Change.
In Denizli, visually impaired people started a campaign to establish a signaling system for public buses, which are public transportation vehicles. The campaign launched by Pınar Göcen on behalf of Denizli Six Dot Blind Association, an international social platform, change.org, sinyal The campaign we initiated in order to make public transportation accessible to people with disabilities, continues with audible signaling arrangements on buses. You can support us by signing a signature. When the campaign reaches its goal, people with disabilities will be more independent ında. As the addressee of the campaign, the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Head of Transportation Department Niyazi Türlü stated in the explanation section of the campaign: Osman An important denominator of our society is the disabled people. Although we have a sub-structure of bus buses in many cities that we call the age of information and technology, they are not available in buses in Denizli. The project, which we presented to the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and to the Department of Transportation, is addressed not only to the visually impaired but also to the elderly and illiterate people who have been the guests of our province and who have yet to recognize our people. Moreover, this system is also very convenient for vehicle drivers. Therefore, this application will not only serve the visually impaired, but will be accessible to all. Now get us on the bus. We, as the visually impaired, we want to go anywhere we want to go independently, imiz said the statement.
Denizli Six Dots Blind Association President, who stated that there is a yellow strip for the visually impaired before Gazi Boulevard in Denizli, said in This road is unfortunately not in use. We want this road to be rebuilt. Besides, we cannot walk because of the occupation of our city. We want to live comfortably without the need of anyone as visually impaired. We want to contribute to production and live freely like everyone else. Certain arrangements should be made for this. First of all, we want to apply the yellow stripe on all Denizli pavements for the visually impaired to be comfortable. Buses for our disabled friends were designed to remove obstacles, but the situation is still critical for the visually impaired. That's why we want to establish a signaling system on buses. In this way, our visually impaired friends will be able to see which bus is coming and provide convenient transportation. We want to support us and hear the people who govern our city. Bize

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