Osmangazi Bridge two-week loss 60 million pounds

Two-week damage of the Osmangazi Bridge is 60 million liras: The citizen found it expensive to cross the Osmangazi Bridge. The number of people using the bridge, where the state guarantees 40 thousand passes per day, remained at 5-6 thousand. According to the IDO ferries; The state is at a loss of millions of dollars a day for 35 percent more expensive transitions.
The excessive cost of tolls on the Osmangazi Bridge was realized in two weeks. Only 11 thousand vehicles passed in 26 days covering 16-100 July. Drivers who found the toll expensive were doomed to the İDO flights operated by TAV. The state, which guarantees passage of 40 thousand vehicles a day, received 60 million lira (approximately 20 million dollars) in two weeks.
The bridge connecting the two sides of the gulf was opened with a ceremony held on June 30. The toll crossing from the bridge, which was free for the first 9 days due to the holiday, started on 11 July. Approximately 3 weeks have passed since the toll passes. Transition figures for the first two weeks showed that the number of people passing by Osmangazi Bridge, which is among the giant investments, is far below expectations.
The number of automotive and heavy vehicles passing through the Osmangazi Bridge in the 11-day period covering 26-16 July is 97. The number of passes equivalent to automobiles was 535 thousand 100. This number proved to be far below the target when compared to the 932 thousand vehicles committed by the state per day.
Osmangazi Bridge, which constitutes the biggest leg of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, which will reduce the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir from 9 hours to approximately 3 hours, was implemented with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. The state guaranteed passage for the Osmangazi bridge and the highways on this route. In this context, 40 thousand daily passes were committed. Less passage means more money comes out of the state's coffers. According to the calculation made over the number of vehicles passing in 11 days between 26-16 July; the state had to pay millions of lira a day due to incomplete transitions. The amount of money released from the government's coffers due to the 16-day pass; 59 million 541 pounds (about $ 20 million).
Crossings started on 1 July, and no fee was collected due to the Eid al-Fitr. During this period, the bridge experienced its busiest days. Nearly 1 thousand vehicles passed in 700 week. This number amply demonstrated the need for the bridge. However, when the toll passes started, the bridge did not leave any trace of the intensity it caught during the holiday. It is understood that the vehicle density is less than 10 percent compared to the holiday. The bridge, which hosts an average of 100 thousand vehicles per day during the feast, could reach the daily figure in only 16 days in the following period.
If not, the end of the 22 era
Despite the fact that it is not preferred by drivers, it is claimed that there are üler ferry lobby inin. If the 6 cost less than the tolls between Eskihisar and Topçular, the government will continue to raise 35 million dollars a day.
The ferry operators most anxious about Osmangazi are the most satisfied with the high toll fees. The occupancy rates of IDO are just like before the opening. TAV Enterprise Group, which holds the operating rights of IDO for 30 years, has another 25 years. If the tolls on the Osmangazi Bridge are not reduced to a competitive level, the state will continue to cover the damage for 22 more years due to the pass guarantee.
Istanbul Deniz Isletmesi (IDO) was transferred to Tepe İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş. . İDO, whose operating rights were transferred for 2011 years, came to the agenda with the increases in toll fees in the following years. It is claimed that taking into account the tolls of İDO in determining the prices of the Osmangazi Bridge.

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