Travel with nostalgic music on the nostalgic tram

Traveling with nostalgic music on the nostalgic tram: In Beyoğlu, IETT offers passengers a nostalgic music concert on nostalgic trams.
In Beyoğlu, nostalgic trams carrying passengers between Taksim-Tünel square are presented to the passengers by IETT.
Passengers breathe the historical atmosphere of Beyoğlu, accompanied by nostalgic music loaded by IETT teams on the nostalgic trams that have been serving since 1992 between Tünel and Taksim Square.
Nostalgic works that are played from a gramophone-shaped device, which is mainly composed of Turkish art music, offer new songs to the passengers when the stop of the tram changes. Passengers also enjoy the journey with music on the nostalgic tram.
Musician Ali Kaya said in his statement that he has been with music for years and came to Beyoğlu as soon as he heard the practice. Stating that he enjoyed traveling with the taste of old Istanbul, Kaya said, “I congratulate those who contributed to this service. A very meaningful job has been done. I found myself in the old Istanbul atmosphere. I hope this beautiful city will remember its old ambiance in such applications. he spoke.
Teacher Gamze Akyüz, on the other hand, stated that she was very happy when she heard the old songs on the nostalgic tram that she coincidentally used and said, “I suddenly found myself in old Istanbul. The songs are beautiful and carefully chosen. I hope that the spirit of old Istanbul will come up with such services. " said.

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