A comforting statement about the high-speed train route in Manisa

Comforting statement about the high-speed train route in Manisa: AK Party Manisa MP Selçuk Özdağ, who gave information about the high-speed train route to pass through Manisa, saying that the route published in the Official Gazette is not correct, the high-speed train is not from the center but from the city center. announced that he would pass.
Making a statement about the route discussions in Ankara-Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak-İzmir High Speed ​​Railway Project, which will reduce the train journey between Ankara and Izmir, from 14 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes, AK Party Manisa MP Selçuk Özdağ met with the headmen in Yunusemre District. came and gave information. Noting that the high-speed train project will add value to Manisa, Özdağ said, “The pre-project tender was made and the road route was determined. There are two train lines in the center. One of the two suburban train lines passing through the city would also be removed. A route has been published in the Official Gazette. When this route was published, I got angry. The decision divided the city in two, bringing a very serious burden of expropriation to the state. So we met with the Minister of Transport. They said, 'This road will pass under the ring road as we agreed in the past.' I talked to both the undersecretary and the General Director of State Railways. If there is a problem in the Official Gazette, they will look at it. If it is an uncompensated problem, we will also change the Official Gazette. The Minister of Transport will step in. Work will be done to define the line correctly. ”
Özdağ, who wants the Manisans not to be uneasy, said, “Nobody should be worried about development and expropriation. Trust us. Our word is the word. The high-speed train will not pass through Manisa. Nobody worry. We will correct the way it was published in the Official Gazette, but I will find those who do it too. Is there someone's account in the bureaucracy, is there a misleading, to encourage the public to be outraged? Although the explanations are known, it is unacceptable to be made in this way. They will all be corrected. ”
Yunusemre Muhtarlar Association President Bedriye Pehlivan stated that the expropriation decision in the Official Gazette made them nervous and said, “As muhtars, we do not find it correct to cross the high-speed train line and divide the city in two. We learned that after the explanations, the city will pass through the ring road and we were very happy. ”

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