Limak Holding aspires to Kanal Istanbul

Limak Holding aspired to Kanal Istanbul: Limak Holding announced that they will be closely involved with the projects of Kanal İstanbul and Çanakkale Strait.
Limak aims to make an offer to the Sofia airport, which will be privatized recently, while expanding to the radar of Africa and the Balkans in the coming period, which it defines as its main field of activity, and to expand especially in construction, cement and energy investments in Africa.
mainly in construction, cement, energy, tourism sectors such as well as large infrastructure projects, where the Holding operating well, making tenders in Turkey planned Channel Istanbul and announced that they would deal with the Dardanelles project.
Limak Investment Chairman Ebru Ozdemir In an interview with Reuters, Turkey is taking centers, regional growth and, in particular, he said they want to focus on the Balkans and Africa.
Stating that the construction industry is the flagship, Özdemir said, “There is a Sofia airport privatization process, we look at it. The offer will be collected in autumn. We look at it as Limak. New things can come up in Africa. Our radars are always on. We are looking at other airports in Eastern Europe. I think we can build airports anywhere in the world. ”
Limak Construction awarded the Kuwait International Airport new terminal construction tender with an offer of 4.34 billion dollars last year. kazanIt also became a partner in the completion and 25-year operation of AIBD airport in Senegal.
The company recently submitted a bid for the purchase of 60 percent of the Lyon Saint-Exupery airport in France, but Vinci won the tender. kazanhad been. Indicating that they operate in the cement and construction sectors in Africa in Mozambique, Ivory and Senegal, Özdemir said, “We will continue to invest in Africa. Once you start somewhere, you need to get stronger in all kinds of sectors.”
Regarding the purchases that Limak Cement plans to make in Africa, Özdemir said, “We have progressed in the cement purchasing process in Africa. The companies we wanted to buy belonged to the Brazilian Intercement group in South Africa and Mozambique. But at the end of “due diligence” we decided not to bid due to national risks and we ended the process ”.
Limak Cement announced at the end of last year that it was interested in a large purchase of up to 1 billion euros in Africa.
Özdemir also stated that they are continuing their investments in housing and real estate in Skopje and they want to enlarge the real estate side; In this context, he said that they want to evaluate many lands they own.
Financing negotiations in North Marmara
The Asian part of the Northern Marmara highway project, the tender of which was made in May and the total investment value will exceed 7 billion liras, has been decided by Limak İnşaat-Cengiz İnşaat joint venture group. kazanÖzdemir reminded that they are working with banks and said that they will start financing talks with banks in the near future.
"We are progressing to start financing negotiations with Turkish and international banks this year in Northern Marmara," said Özdemir. "If we find the type of financing we want, it can be terminated quickly."
Expressing that they may be financing projects such as the third airport of Istanbul where they are located, Özdemir said, “These projects must come to a fixed return point. For example, after the third bridge was opened on August 26, it could be refinancing and it could enter the bond market. After the third airport of Istanbul opened, we can think, we can make bond refinancing. ”
With regard to the future objectives Holding Ozdemir, said they aimed to become Turkey's largest cement in 2017, "We have both in production and in distribution of energy as well as trade. We have completed our vertical integration. We are one of the largest, with a total of 3,000 MW in production. We continue our overseas business in construction. ”
Limak Holding, which has a total of 50,000 employees, aims to increase its revenues from 2015 billion dollars in 3.8 to 4.2 billion dollars at the end of this year.
Özdemir also noted that they did not suspend anything after the July 15 coup attempt, “We have foreign partners in our two businesses, Inframed, the fund established by the French and Italian states. They also said both you and we trust Turkey already, "he said.

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