Keçiören Subway Test Drive Ceremony

Binali Yıldırım
Binali Yıldırım

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, 'When the Keçiören Metro is finished, the rail system in Ankara will reach 64 kilometers. More than 50 stops close to 60. It will no longer be a pain to travel from Keçiören to the center of Ankara. You are in the center of Ankara in 15 minutes without taking 20-16 minutes with pleasure, 'he said.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, “When the Keçiören Metro ends, the rail system in Ankara will reach 64 kilometers. More than 50 60 stops. Going from the center of Ankara to Keçiören will no longer be a problem. You are in the center of Ankara in 15 minutes, without taking 20-16 minutes with pleasure. ”

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım addressed the citizens in front of the city hall before taking the test drive of Keçiören Metro. Stating that it is a great day for Keçiören, Yıldırım said, “Finally, Keçiören Metro, which has been a legendary language for years, is one step away. We're starting test drives today. Good luck. This subway construction started years ahead. At that time, our Metropolitan Mayor Melih Bey started the construction of Keçiören Metro, Kızılay Çayyolu and Sincan Batıkent subways. These work great for a municipality. He did some amount, then he destroyed the work. I was then taken care of. Then our President said, 'Let's finish these subways as soon as possible, let the Ankara residents relax'. What did we do? First, the Red Crescent-Çayyolu, Sincan-Batıkent, and now Keçiören AKM, in the next two months, says the minister, and we should not be embarrassed by the end of the year. What we said, Keçiören Metro will end at the end of this year. The word of lightning. When we came to examine one of these stations recently, I saw a report in the newspaper that says, "My love says, our love never ends, let it last, be it like Keçiören Metro, let it never end". Let these young people not be upset, find another slogan. Keçiören Metro is now over, but their love should not end. As it ends, we don't end here either, we extend the metro up to 27 kilometers from here to Çubuk. We are extending another 3,5 kilometers from Atatürk Cultural Center to Kızılay Square. The president's short-day trade broke it too today, good luck, "he said.

Prime Minister Yıldırım said, “When Keçiören is over, the rail system will reach 64 kilometers in Ankara. More than 50 60 stops. Going from the center of Ankara to Keçiören will no longer be a problem. Pleasantly, you are in the center of Ankara in 15 minutes, without taking 20-16 minutes. No heat, no torment, no traffic, no pleasure. The journey will turn into pleasure. This suits Ankara and this suits you. Aren't you all standing up against the traitors on July 15? Keçiören, this suits you well. The best of services suits. Good luck, "he said.

The AK Party has filled its 15 years, the Prime Minister reminded that it has completed the age of 15 Lightning, "the 15-year count is too large to fit in the services, we are talking of a breakthrough in power in Turkey. Because this is the beginning of the power of our leaders, our party's founder, Turkey has lovesick Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As his commitment, vision and his team, we work day and night to bring our country to the level of modern civilizations. This place becomes an enormous park, the stream here is being improved. You deserve the best of everything. Here is our pride table, the martyrs of Keçiören. Taking care of their trust is the debt of our neck. It is our duty to ask the traitors who martyred them, ”he said.

"Europeans shout squeaky when 10 immigrants leave"

Turkey is a huge country Yıldırım explained that, "the world's central location where Turkey is located. His eye for everyone in Turkey. oppressed crushed in the region, the prospect of rights deprived nation in Turkey. On the one hand, this war in Syria and 500 thousand innocent people have lost their lives for ever. More than 3 million innocent sinless women, children, youth, old people came to our country, we opened our hearts to them, we hosted them. This is what suits us, this is what suits this noble nation. Europeans shout squeaky when 10 immigrants leave. Because they are not used to such a thing, but in our history, in our past, there is humanity, there is service for human. There is an understanding that exalts people so that the state is exalted. This is how we saw it from our grandparents, and we are telling them to our grandchildren. ”

“FETÖ is gone, BETÖ is gone”

Noting that the course of the FETÖ treacherous organization was given on July 15, Yıldırım said, “But these terrorist organizations are under the same mind. FETÖ left, BETÖ, separatist terrorist organization came. Whoever comes, let your ball come together. There are 79 million children who are standing upright. Insha'Allah, as long as this nation embraces, no focus of evil, no terrorist organization will be able to live in these lands. ”

Prime Minister Yıldırım said in his speech:

“On the one hand, while we are fighting fiercely with terrorist organizations, dividers, FETO members, DAESH, PYD, YPG, which bothers our country, we are proud of completing the services you long for. Kıpırdamazk leaves Turkey in the world, while the global financial crisis, the world's 4th largest bridge, did we open the Osman Gazi Bridge? This is also worthy of Turkey. Bursa-İstanbul 45 minutes, they speak, AK Party makes. On the 26th of the day, it was not enough, we presented the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to the service of our nation on the anniversary of the day when Sultan Alparslan set foot on the Anatolian lands. The footsteps of Keçiören Metro, which will take care of Keçiören's transportation problem, has started to come. Hopefully, he will start his travels by the end of the year. For a few months, passengers will come and go, and the troubles will disappear. When it is New Year's Eve, we will take the metro and enjoy the trip. ”

"We split paths, we combine life, we unite Turkey," said Lightning, "to the north and south, east and west if his brother ethical matter how hard you deal with traitors of this nation never bölemez on. We made the airline the way of the people. We made the high-speed train dream come true. Ankara becomes the center of the high-speed train. We make a new station like space buildings. You will go to Sivas, Yozgat and Kırıkkale with a high-speed train in 2019. You will go to Kayseri. Thus constitute 55 percent of Turkey's population of 15 big cities in Ankara and, we are connecting high-speed trains, "he said.

The name of the starting station Gazino Station has been changed to Martyrs Station

Stating that there are 9 stations in Keçiören Metro, Yıldırım said, “Now we have 9 stations, we leave Keçiören and go to AKM. Of these stations, there is a station called Casino Station, the starting station. I have an offer, let's ask the people of Keçiören, do we name this station as Martyrs Station? Now, Martyrs Station is the starting station of Keçiören Metro. Good luck, "he said.

After his speech, Prime Minister Yıldırım made a test drive with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek, and Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak. In the meantime, photographs of the martyrs who were killed on July 15 were hung on the town hall.

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