Kaşınhanı YHT underpass was paved

Kasınhanı YHT underpass was paved: Meram Municipality completed the asphalt pavement works under the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project.
Konya-Karaman YHT Project, which is being constructed by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, is close to the end of the project. Meram Mayor Fatma Toru said: Our work, which started last Friday, has been completed as of today. I wish it to be good. Hayır
In line with the 2016 targets, President Toru stated that the asphalt, infrastructure and parquet-border works continued in different districts of the district and gave the following information:
“Harmancık Caddesi, Loras Mh. The infrastructure of Mühömert Street, Çandır and Kayıhüyük neighborhoods; Kozağaç Mahallesi Karaağaç Street, Kürden Mahallesi Şahane Street and Gülbahçe Neighborhood Kumocağı Street, Çomaklı Mahallesi, Paragliding border in Harmancık neighborhood and Lalebahçe neighborhood; Yaylapınar Uhut, Yaylapınar Suleymaniye, Suleyman Shah, Çandır, Gülbahçe and Kaşınhanı neighborhoods have asphalt patches; The surface covering work is still going on at the Telafer District of Mühtelif Street Mah



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