Attention to land opportunists in Kanal Istanbul

Attention to land opportunists in Kanal Istanbul: Transport Minister Arslan made a 'land warning' to the citizen about Kanal Istanbul: We do not share the route without clarifying it. Someone trying to market this comes out, our citizens should be careful. Citizens play toto, if not, they become victims ...
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan, who also warned the citizens about the price increases in the lands where large projects are claimed to be built, said, “We do not share the route with anyone without clarifying it. Citizen plays toto. If it holds, it is advantageous, but if it does not, the citizen becomes a victim, not the marketers ”. Minister Arslan answered the questions of a group of journalists.
Minister Arslan, warning the citizens about the increase in land prices in the places where the projects are carried out, said: “It works on many routes and finally one is decided. There is a fact that; These bring a vitality there, they increase the value of the geography where it is located. There is no doubt about that. There is always someone who tries to market this in his own way. Our citizens really need to be very careful about this. Before we clarify any route and bring it to the stage of declaring it to the public, we do not share it with anyone in any way, so that people do not victimize or deceive the citizens. Citizens need to know this and act accordingly and pay attention. "
Save 650 million dollars a year with Osmangazi
Noting that the Osmangazi Bridge will save approximately 650 million dollars in fuel per year, Minister Arslan said, “It does not go around the nose, shortening the road with the next highway, preventing time loss, and fuel savings. After all, this is a figure from the national budget. It doesn't matter which person pays. Fuel saving, environmental impact, benefit by providing less emissions, kazanThe indirect contribution of the citizen to the country's economy due to the time spent... All of these are a part of this business.”
Citizen playing toto
Underlining that the route of the Canal Istanbul is not clear yet, Minister of Transport Arslan said, “The citizen is playing toto. If it holds, it is advantageous, but if it does not, the citizen becomes a victim, not the marketers ”.
Ankara-Sivas will fall to 2 hours
Minister Arslan also made examinations in Ankara-Sivas YHT Line Elmadağ Construction Site. Arslan stated that 70 percent progress has been made in the project, and the 11-hour travel time between the two cities with the project will be reduced to 2 hours.

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