Kabataş There will not be a shopping mall in the Transfer Center Project

Kabataş There will be no shopping malls in the Transfer Center Project: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Kabataş Stating that there is no shopping center (shopping center) or other such buildings in the Transfer Center Project, he said, “The seagull-shaped pier area is only 300 square meters. The whole area is more than 100 thousand square meters with green space. The height of the pier area is 9,5 meters. It is out of question to close the silhouette. " said.
Stating that the project was designed in 2005 and its plan and design were approved by the Conservation Board in 2008, Topbaş said that the project was nominated for the Cityscape Award in 2009 and received the best transfer center award in 2010.
Topbas said the project received Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and plan approval in 2011. In the region, this year with the addition of the subway in the direction of the road to be taken to reduce the project indicating that the renovation Topbas, all analyzes and analyzes in the project carried out with universities, he said.
Topbaş stated that all the documents applied for the approval of the EIA approval have been re-arranged and that the permission and scaffolding works in the field have been fully approved and initiated in this process.
Providing information about the project Topbas, continued:
“The project does not include a shopping mall or other such buildings. The seagull-shaped pier area is only 300 square meters. The whole area is more than 100 thousand square meters with green space. The height of the pier area is 9,5 meters. Closing the silhouette is out of question. At the height of the set in the back, it is 340 meters from Dolmabahçe Mosque and 190 meters from Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque. Concrete will never be used as a carrier, it will be completely transparent. There will be units that will meet the needs of passengers such as kiosks, patisseries, newspapers, tea and coffee sales in the transition areas at the bottom and top. These units are also intended to ensure the living of the area and space. "

  • "Many grown trees will be added to the project area"

Emphasizing that all trees in the project area will be identified and protected by universities, Topbaş continued his words as follows: “Many grown trees will be added to the project area. The required soil depth detail was provided for these additions. Functions of the transfer center, Kabataş sea ​​on the beach, Kabataş and the highway will become integrated. Traffic will be taken underground. Continuous pedestrian flow will be provided along the beach. Kabataş ferry ports were closed to sea traffic today. It will remain closed to sea traffic for about 2 years. Tram and funicular systems will continue to work for a while. Ring flights will be launched in order to provide access to the region. In addition, the number of buses passing through the region will be increased. During construction, Şehir Hatları AŞ Kadıköy-Kabataş, Kabataş- Islands and frequented Bosphorus line services from Beşiktaş and Eminönü piers, İDO Kadıköy-Kabataş Kabataş-Adalar expedition operators from IDO Beşiktaş and Yenikapı piers, affiliated to Dentur Avrasya cooperative Kabataş-Usküdar expeditions from Dentur Beşiktaş pier, BUDO Kabataş-Bursa trips will take place from Eminönü pier, provided that the necessary permissions are obtained.
Pointing out that all scientific researches in the whole field and in the sea have been completed in a versatile manner, Topbaş said, “Liquefaction, earthquake, impact on the sea, impact on sea creatures, ground, and water issues are indispensable investigations. There are thousands of applications in our country and in the world. This area is a tough one. We have made calculations with scientific parameters by discussing our studies with our esteemed professors from many universities. With this sensitivity, the working process continues and the investigation and controls will continue during the construction. " he spoke.

  • "Construction work will not bring additional burden to traffic"

Underlining that the project will be carried out with technology suitable for the 21st century, Topbaş said: “Long measurements and studies have been made for the construction methodology and planning. Existing traffic flow will not be affected. Construction work will not add any additional burden to traffic. All sensitivity will be maintained until the end of the work so that the city and the environment are not affected. When the project is completed, all private and public transport vehicles will be loading and unloading in the lower square. It has been comfortably designed so that passengers are not affected by the exhaust of passing vehicles. Passing or landing vehicles will also be able to go in both directions. In this way, vehicles that create density by moving in the opposite direction to turn around Fındıklı, Tophane or Dolmabahçe and the stadium will leave the traffic. Drivers traveling towards the bridge will be able to leave their cars in the parking lots under this area, in line with the information they will receive. They will be able to comfortably and comfortably benefit from public transportation facilities such as sea, subway, funicular, tram, bus located in the lower and upper squares. The upper square will be a versatile activity area with a wide green area, bicycle and walking axles. Citizens will be able to meet the sea without getting stuck in vehicles. "

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