Public Transport Mobilization for the Republic and Democracy Rally in Izmir

Public Transport Mobilization for the Republic and Democracy Rally in Izmir: All public transportation vehicles belonging to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will fly free of charge throughout the day for the "Republic and Democracy Rally" to be held in Gündoğdu Square on Thursday, August 4th. Public transportation timetable was also reorganized considering the rally time.
Public transportation in İzmir will be free all day long. Due to the "Republic and Democracy Meeting" that will start at 19.30 in Gündoğdu Square, public transportation vehicles within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will serve free of charge to passengers. ESHOT-affiliated buses, Izmir Metro, İZBAN and İZDENİZ organized their flights accordingly, taking into account the intensity that may occur during the meeting and dispersal hours of the rally.
The General Directorate of ESHOT has extended the last services of 18-23-80-90-121-802-63-168-302-70-104-171-8-12 and 554 to avoid any problems in transportation. In addition, the 969-24.00 hours between the service of the Owl lines will also provide free service.
Izmir Metro extended the hours of travel until 00.45. In the statement made by İZBAN, it was stated that the last trips of the day will be made from Alsancak Station in both directions at 01.00:XNUMX.
Ship will depart from Foça and Mordoğan
İZDENİZ, on the other hand, will provide transportation services with additional trips depending on the density that will occur at the piers before and after the rally. The ship will be removed from Foça at 15.30 and from Mordoğan at 16.30 for citizens attending the rally.

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