Izmir Metro is coming to the passenger system (Photo Gallery)

The System that Counts Passengers Comes to the Izmir Metro: Passenger Counting System and Light Curtain technology applied in 95 new vehicles of İzmir Metro are included in a rail system train for the first time in our country.
Izmir Metro Inc. 95's new tool, which is manufactured in China, stands out with its features that will be applied for the first time in our country. It will cost about 240 million TL and will be in Izmir from the coming months. In new sets, there will be special modules on each door, which will calculate the number of passengers. Thanks to the module called Passenger Counting System (YSS), the Traffic Control Center will be able to see the occupancy rates of the wagons and thus will be able to direct passengers to more empty wagons.
Another innovation in the new sets is called the "Light Curtain". This curtain is activated just before the doors are closed and sees if there is an object in between and commands the door according to the incoming data. The system only Türkiye'dedeğil, IFA (Automatic Door Systems) by the terms of a structure that will be applied for the first time in the world importance. Another innovation is the light strips inside the door window glasses. The lanes are easily visible from inside or outside by the passengers and warn the passenger whether the door is out of use. Thus, unnecessary waste of time is prevented at the doors. The first two of Izmir Metro, the construction of which was completed from the five-car train sets, started on 21 July by ship. Train sets are expected to be in Izmir at the end of August. Each train set coming to Izmir will be put into operation after the necessary controls, trainings and test drives. All train sets will arrive at the end of next year.
87 vehicle fleet in Izmir Metro, with the arrival of new sets will reach the number of vehicles 182. Izmir Metro, which continues to grow with passenger numbers, stations and vehicle fleet, aims to provide frequent operational services to passengers by improving the signaling infrastructure. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with a very accurate strategy, rail system public transportation systems in Izmir, while the Izmir Metro also aims to provide comfortable and safe service to the city.

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