KabataşIs the remnant found in the metro excavation in

KabataşIs the residue revealed in the subway excavation in Istanbul a cultural presence:KabataşPhotos of the ruins in the subway excavation in Istanbul were published on social media
The settlement date lies in a separate date in every corner of Istanbul, dating back to 300 thousand, the date of the capital of 3 bin, the date of the capital of 1600 thousand, dating back to XNUMX year. Almost every excavation in the city also follows the traces of another culture. It was claimed that one of those traces came from the excavation of the Mahmutbey-Beşiktaş subway line, which was being carried out in the subway works.
In a photo circulating on social media, a ruin reminiscent of an ancient city was seen during the excavations in Beşiktaş. In some interpretations, it was said that the ruins were waterways from the Republic period. It was stated that the photographers applied to the IMM White Table, but there was no clarity on the subject. kazanIt was argued that it was not possible.
“Not a cultural asset”
Is this really a historical remnant? First of all, we asked the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who was conducting the metro study. we asked the question whether the photo is real or not. The authorities did not deny the existence of such a structure, but “The works are carried out under the control of the Directorate of Istanbul Archeology Museum. There is no historical building information that will stop us from working. Mal Istanbul Archeology Museum Directorate did not give any explanation. The authorities, which we reached, stated that the remains that were discovered during the construction of the subway were metro the remains that were not required to be registered as kalın cultural assets “decided to be abolished by 12 May 2016. The excavation works of the station were continued under the supervision of the museum authorities in accordance with the legislation. In the last case of excavations yesterday, the remains were no longer present.

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