Protest at Haydarpaşa Station

Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?
Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?

Haydarpaşa Train Station was protested against being privatized and sold. CHP Istanbul Deputy Barış Yarkadaş, CHP PM Member Kadir Gökmen Öğüt, CHP Üsküdar District President Erdoğan Altan, CHP Kadıköy Youth Branch President Pınar Uzun, Kadıköy Urban Solidarity, United Transport Employees Union Istanbul Branch 1 and many citizens supported.

Supporting the protest action for the sale of Haydarpaşa Train Station, CHP Istanbul Member of Parliament Barış Yarkadaş said:

'' Although the 20 days have passed through the coup attempt, we see once again that the AKP has not learned anything from the events. They want to turn the coup into an opportunism and create a new area of ​​rent. They're pulling off the rent. They turn the State of Emergency into 'Extraordinary Rent'. Today, the name of the event, 'extraordinary rent' is the state.
Yesterday the Council of Ministers sent a new bag of bills to the Assembly, and we learned that the 100 state institution would be sold.

The most important institutions of the state, in particular TRT, are being used for privatization under the name of privatization and to rant in the misty air created by the coup.
Whose mouth is Haydarpaşa Station? This KadıköyWe want to learn as citizens. Who do you want to rent? Why do you avoid using Haydarpaşa for the transportation of poor citizens?

Haydarpasa Train Station is one of the most important historical monuments of Istanbul. It should remain as a ward and gar as synonymous with Istanbul. On the basis of what, on the basis of which need to sell, to eliminate this place, want to destroy our historical and cultural accumulation?

After a single bus stop after Gezi Parkı, ask the public? Where are the AKP officials who gave this promise? Where those who swear on their honor and honor? Today they're all lost. You're blind enough to turn a blow into a razor. But be assured that the citizens who resist the coup and are present here will oppose the military coup attempt and the civilian coup attempt and the rant attempt.

Exceptional Turkey has become a usual wait for your return and claiming it, those turn into an extraordinary rant state of emergency and must always be in front of the judiciary, will revenge on a political basis. Here, we speak to the AKP government once again: With the opportunity of coup, do not try to turn the public areas of the public to rant, and to turn them into your followers. Leave this and leave Istanbul's historical and cultural heritage in place, let people use it. ''

Citizens participating in the protest action, '' Haydarpaşa wardrobe, gar will stay '' slogans, Haydarpasa Kent Solidarity protest action also made a press statement.

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  1. Haydarpaşa station has a historical past. The memory of the past days of the Anatolian people who came to Istanbul is hidden all over that building. It belongs to the person who left the secret memory and concerns millions. This historical building should remain as the Train Station. givers…