Green logistics period in transportation

green logistics in the transportation period: Mars is one of the leading companies in Turkey and in the world in the field of Logistics contributes to the conservation of nature by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 36 percent by using environmentally-friendly transport model.
Environment-friendly transport model, trailer loading before it installs taken from various points in Turkey. The trailer reaches the port of Trieste in Italy by ship from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir or Mersin. Afterwards, the freight continuing on its route by train from here, after passing through the Bettembourg Multimodal terminal, arrives at various destinations in Europe in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Germany by road.
Mars Logistics, the industry's green logistics and sustainability concepts that stand out with this service since 2012. Mars Logistics, which serves many industries such as automotive, food, textile, chemistry, energy and cosmetics, contributes to the protection of nature by renewing its vehicle fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles.

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