Great Interest on Tram and Electric Bus at Izmir International Exhibition (Photo Gallery)

Great Interest to Tram and Electric Bus at Izmir International Fair: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu did not break the tradition of İlgi fair tour Büyük in Izmir International Fair (İEF).
President Kocaoğlu, who looks very pleased with the great interest received by the giant event that opened its doors for the 85th time this year, visited the different corners of the exhibition with the citizens in Kültürpark at every opportunity. sohbet He took souvenir photos. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu visited the stands in “Belediye Street” one by one, drinking the milk offered by the “Milk Lamb” team and had fun with the children in the new generation park. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who watched the 3d printer work at the Vocational Factory booth with great interest and the young people who showed with roller skates in the "Bicycle and Pedestrian City", completed the 2-hour fair tour with hundreds of loving photo frames and joy.
Great interest on tram and electric bus
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with an investment of 390 million liras, to the city kazanThe first wagon to be used in the tram project, which will be used in the tram project, and the first electric bus to appear on the streets of İzmir after a while were also included in the President's IEF travel program. The people of Izmir, who examined the new vehicles of the city in large groups, lined up to take a souvenir photo with Mayor Kocaoğlu, whom they saw in the wagon. The tram car, which was brought to İzmir for the 85th IEF and placed in its "temporary" place in Kültürpark, stands out with its stylish design and comfort. While emphasizing the sea city with blue and turquoise tones in the interior and exterior design of Izmir trams, which were meticulously completed in South Korea, the sunny weather and lively and cheerful nature of Izmir also draws attention. Karşıyaka Continuing its efforts to establish Turkey's first electric bus fleet as well as tram lines, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has delivered 3 electric buses to the city in 400 years. kazanaims to climb. ESHOT General Directorate, which took action to purchase 20 “full” electric buses in the first place and put them at the service of Izmirians in public transportation, plans to increase the number of electric buses in its fleet as technologies that can be charged faster and allow longer distances to be covered are developed.

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