Füsun Ülengin, Vice President of the 14 World Transport Conference

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Füsun Ülengin, Vice President of 14 World Transport Conference: Füsun Ülengin, Vice President of 14 World Transport Conference
Sabancı University Dean of the Faculty of Management Dr. Füsun Ülengin was the vice president of the Ulaştırma World Transport Conference ğı attended by experts from 65 countries.
Sabancı University School of Management Dean Prof. Dr. Füsun Ülengin served as the Vice President of the International Scientific Committee Responsible for the Organization of the 10th World Transport Conference held in Shangai between 15-2015 July 14.
The conference was attended by academics from all over the world, and covered a wide range of topics from urban public transport to air transport, from bicycle policies to parking problems, from environmental pollution to traffic risk analysis.
Professor Dr. Füsun Ülengin said that one of the most important aims of the conference was to bring together experts from all over the world at all stages of transportation and to create a platform to discuss different ideas in transportation research. Füsun Ülengin stated that there were oral and poster presentations on 65 from 1170 countries. The main topics discussed in the conference, General Transportation Models, Maritime Transport and Logistics, Operation and Control of Traffic Management, Transportation Needs, Transportation Economics and Finance, Sustainability in Transportation, Transportation Planning and Policy, Transport in the developing countries, he said. Füsun Ülengin, as a scholar from Turkey worldwide, the Vice President of the International Scientific Committee noted that a conference was a great pride.
Professor Dr. About Füsun Ülengin:
Füsun Ülengin is professor of Decision Analysis. Especially with decision analysis techniques to analyze existing logistics and transportation problems in Turkey are working on the development.
Between 2002-2005; He served as Dean at the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul Technical University and at the Faculty of Engineering at Doğuş University between 2009 and 2013. Same time; Between the years 2009-2013, he served as the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Doğuş University, Faculty of Engineering.
He received his bachelor's degree from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Engineering. He received his master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Boğaziçi University. He completed his doctorate studies in the Department of Management Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and received his Ph.D. He completed his postdoctoral studies at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Birmingham. His master's and doctoral theses and post-doctoral research are in logistics modeling. Working places; It is related to the evaluation of macrosystems, especially transportation and logistics systems with multi-criteria models and competition analysis of countries and sectors.
Dr. She is also interested in multi-criteria decision-making, decision support systems, Bayesian Causal Networks and Artificial Neural Networks. He has written numerous SCI and SSCI articles on these topics; Omega, Journal of the Operations Research Society, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, European Journal of Operational Research, Transportation Research-E, Transportation Research-C, Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Marketing, The Service Industries Journal, Interfaces, Expert Systems with Applications. He is on the editorial board of “Transportation Policy” and “Case Studies in Transport Policy”.
He is a member of the Scientific and Executive Committees of the World Conference of Transportation Research Society (WCTRS); World Conference of Transport Research; WCTR'2004, Odyseus Workshop on Logistics'2009, IFAC International Symposium on Computational Economics and Financial and Industrial Systems - CEFIS '07, with 32. He served as chairman of the Program Board in the organization of National Operations Research / Industrial Engineering (YAEM'2012) Congresses. Also; In WCTR '2010; and as of July 2013, he was re-appointed to the same position. Currently, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Transportation and Logistics Sector Council serves as an adviser.

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