Free Metro and Bus Application in Ankara Has Been Extended Again

Free Metro and Bus Application in Ankara Has Been Extended Again: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said that the Democracy Watch will continue until Wednesday, 10 August, and free transportation will continue until the same day.
Gokcek, “Democracy Watch“ of 21. On the day of the visit the citizens of the guard. Addressing the citizens MAG July 15 Red Crescent Democracy Square, noting that more fetö'cü of another evil plan, "All leave Turkey for a week without electricity, and in an act of sabotage that blew up the transformer," he said. Gokcek, continued:
Du These are fastened; 'No 12 August, no 14 Wait August' he. We got the intelligence of what to do. What they wanted to do was: Remember when one day the electricity was cut off wholesale? This sabotage is the foolish FETO'ler, no one else. Now the same subject all leave Turkey for a week without electricity, and in an act of sabotage that blew up the transformer. They will not be able to do this because it is heard. We are here with the permission of Allah. Biz
Gokcek said that they did not feel any insecurity against the military, lar We have no confidence in our own army. We have an honorable army, but there are infamous FETOs who have infiltrated it. We only talk to the FETOs. Who forgave our hearts from the honorable army of those squares, they will forgive us, they are our honorable army and the crown of our heads. Şu
Gökçek announced that the Democracy Watch will continue until Wednesday. Mayor Gökçek also stated that the free application of EGO Buses and Metro has been extended until Wednesday.
Gökçek, the giant rally to be held in Istanbul on Sunday, on the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 15 Democracy Square will be established on the giant screen will be established to be announced, other political parties will be with the representatives reiterated.
President of the second rally in Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explaining the demands for the President of Gokcek, "Mr. President, 'rally is the right of Ankara, I hope you'll glorify, such a rally in Ankara,' he said. That is not a hundred percent, but seventy percent as it was "Monday, Tuesday I hope I get the exact answer, I give the gospel to you," he said.
Explaining that the citizens and citizens of the area will be distributed to protect the heat from the heat Sunday, President Gökçek said, while he was coming, he said that his name would be given to a street in Ankara.
Emin Demir, the cousin of Martyr Petty Officer Halisdemir who spoke to the President Gökçek, said that his family did not have any financial expectations from the state. Uz Upon the granting of his name to a street, Mr. President has fulfilled his right. God bless from himself un said.

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