Izmir's first tram was on display at the fair

showcased at the fair: Izmir, Konak and Karşıyaka The first set of the tram to be operated on the lines was lowered on the rails specially laid for the Izmir International Fair area where it will be introduced.
Great care was taken to prevent damage to the set downloaded from the top of the TIR. At the time of download many citizens, even the train set brought by staff from South Korea was viewed by mobile phone. In the last meters of the set, the support was provided by the hopper. In addition to the tram, there will be electric buses and bicycles at the stand. Transportation investments will be introduced.
The South Korean company Hyundai Eurotem's tram vehicles produced at the facilities in Adapazarı will have a total 32 capacity by sitting 48 meter length 285. Shades of blue and turquoise were used in the exterior and interior view of the vehicles due to being the sea city of Izmir. The goal was to create an image where the tram would ripple slowly as it passed. Furthermore, the red line symbol of the İzmir Metro was also on the vehicle. In the interior design elements that will give the beach and sea air came forward. Handles and handles are located within easy reach for passengers to hold securely. Multi-purpose areas were reserved to meet the special needs of citizens who ride with wheelchairs, heavy suitcases or strollers. The trams will be equipped with train control and monitoring unit, passenger information system, LCD screens, active route map, camera, video and audio recorder. 12.7 kilometers long and 19 stops with Konak Tram which will complement Metro and İZBAN system 9.87 kilometers long and 15 stops Karşıyaka Total 38 vehicles on the tram line will work. Total cost of 390 million TL Karşıyaka tram 2017 at the beginning of the second half of the 2017'nin Konak will be completed. According to feasibility studies, daily 95 thousand people in Konak line, Karşıyaka 87 thousand people in the line will be moved.

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