Electric Metrobus Support to Transportation

Electric Metrobus Support to Transportation in Düzce: The Municipality of Düzce has opened the way for the development of environmental roads as well as support solutions for transportation. Mayor Mehmet Keles, said the increase in new roads will be used in transportation of electric metrobuses.
President Mehmet Keles, within the framework of the transport master plan announced that the use of electric metrobuses in passenger transport. President Mehmet Keles this purpose, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey Bozankaya company. Stating that electric metrobuses will be used in Düzce, Mayor Mehmet Keleş 'We are opening the north and south ring roads and the connection roads connected to them quickly in Düzce. Our new roads are wide and boulevard connected roads. Every new road brings the need for transportation. We prefer electric metrobus for fast and safe passenger transportation.



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