The Project That Shocked The World Channel Istanbul

Project that Shocked the World Kanal Istanbul: Kanal Istanbul will be implemented on the European Side of the city. An artificial waterway will be opened between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea in order to relieve the ship traffic in the Bosphorus, which is currently an alternative passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. At the point where the canal meets the Marmara Sea, one of the two new cities that are planned to be established by 2023 will be established. The length of the channel is 40-45 km; its width will be 145-150 m at the surface and approximately 125 m at the base. The depth of the water will be 25 meters. With this channel, the Bosphorus will be completely closed to tanker traffic, and two new peninsulas and a new island will be formed in Istanbul.
453 is planned to be built on million square meters. The other areas are divided into airports with 30 million square meters, Ispartakule and Bahçeşehir with 78 million square meters, roads with 33 million square meters, zoning parcels with 108 million square meters and 167 million square meters are divided into common green areas.
The project will run for two years. The extracted lands will be used for the construction of a large airport and port, to be used for filling of quarries and closed mines. The cost of the project can be over 10 billion dollars.
Although the exact location has not been disclosed, there are various claims. After Erdogan said "This project is a gift to Çatalca", the allegations that the project will take place in Çatalca are important. kazanwas. Some city planners predict that this canal will be between Terkos Lake and Büyükçekmece Lake or between Silivri coast and the Black Sea.

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