DTD, DDGM General Manager İbrahim Yiğiti Visits

DTD Visited DDGM General Manager İbrahim Yiğiti in his Office: DTD Chairman Özcan Salkaya, DTD Deputy Chairman of the Board Recep Soyak and DTD General Manager Yaşar Rota visited Mr. İbrahim Yiğit, who was newly appointed as General Manager of Railway Regulation, in his office, and found wishes of good luck.
During the visit, a detailed discussion was held on the "Regulation on Authorization of Railway Operations", which has recently come into force and will accelerate the process of liberalization of railway transport.
DTD's recommendations regarding the new regulation were noted by DDGM.
Railway Regulatory Director General Ibrahim Yigit, Turkey issued under the 6461 numbered Law on the Liberalization of Transport and that is very significant contributions to the DTD in all arrangements must be removed, this work made very close to a working environment, said that should continue.

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