Details of expropriation

Expropriation Details In the Muhtars: Within the scope of Aliaga-Bergama Railway Project, TCDD 3. Regional Directorate was sent an announcement letter to the muhtars of the related neighborhoods.
TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, Aliaga-Bergama Railway Project to inform the citizens of the lands to be made on the lands to be expropriated Aliağa'de sent an announcement letter to the muhtarlıklarını. The letter sent by Selim Koçbay, the Regional Director, is hanged on the notice boards and the citizens are informed about the land expropriation.
In the article, under the Aliağa-Bergama Railway Project, it was decided that the expropriation of the immovable and the buildings on the new railway route was approved and that the expropriation procedures were decided to be applied for the Aliağa part of the project in question. The current contact information of the owners of the real estate is TCDD 3. It is stated that they should inform the Regional Directorate.
The information sent is on the boards in the central neighborhoods of Aliağa, Siteler, Atatürk, Yeni Mahalle, Kurtuluş, Culture and the head office buildings of Yalı Mahallesi. Culture Mahallesi Muharrem Şen informing the subject, to get information about the expropriation interest and the names of the owners who want to see the announcement to come to the relevant muhtarlıklarının can see the announcement, this situation is a very important development within the scope of the Aliaga-Bergama Railway Project, he said. Sen, a certain point within the scope of the project is reached and the last situation is intended to inform the land owners, he said.



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