The sale of Deputy Barış Yarkadaş Haydarpaşa should not be opportunistic for a coup

Sale of Deputy Barış Yarkadaş Haydarpaşa Do not take coup dealings: The Prime Ministry Privatization Administration took action to sell the historical Haydarpaşa Railway Station and the port area. On August 9 Kadıköy In the letter sent to the Municipality, information was asked about the 400 thousand square meter area "within the framework of the works for the scope and program of privatization".
Written Peace made a statement CHP Istanbul deputy Yarkadaş "Haydarpasa Train Station in Turkey and Istanbul's historic icons, the harbor and the backcourt is considering selling a mental eclipse. Haydarpaşa Port and Back Field to take part in the privatization scope and program to do the work is the understanding of fire evasion. We have been fighting for years to keep the historic Gar in line with the original. We tried different ways, projects were produced, we will not allow this area to be touched and new rents are created. Değiş
In the statement of CHP deputy Yarkadaş, “The struggle against FETÖ, which is the main agenda item of our country, on the other hand, continues PKK actions. OHAL is brought in the country. On the other hand, the Presidency of the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration pursues land. Look, there is an AKP Municipality that cannot correct Kurbağalıdere, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is another summer KadıköyHe sentenced the people to bad smell. Kadıköy people are screaming. Keeping an eye on these, AKP pursues land and land. Such actions do not suit the Yenikapı spirit. ”
Information in all public areas of the desired area, and this area TCDD, Turkey Maritime Organization Inc., looks at the Soil Products Office and Treasury ownership. Presidency, zoning plan, maps, zoning status documents as the areas he wants to: Haydarpasa Train Station and the back.Haydarpasa Gar port.Et-Fish Authority location.

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