China's train producer CRRC invests in India

China's train maker CRRC has made a joint investment in India: China's largest high-speed train maker CRRC announced that the company's first co-invested factory was opened in India on August 20.
CRRC, the biggest high-speed train manufacturer in China, announced that the company's first factory, established with a joint investment, opened in India on August 20.
This is the first train factory established by the CRRC company in South Asia.
“CRRC Pioneer (India) Electric Co. Ltd. ”was established in cooperation with Chinese CRRC Yongji Electric and Pioneer Trading Company from India with a capital of 63 million 400 thousand USD. The Chinese company will own 51 percent of the shares, while the Indian side will own 49 percent.
The main function of the joint capital plant is to produce and repair the train generator and also provide technical support for the domestic railway lines. The company now has 17 indigenous staff.
India has one of the largest railway systems in the world. 64 is a thousand kilometer-long railway in India every year.
CRRC entered the Indian market in 2007 and provided train wagon and parts such as metro, locomotive, generator to this country. The products of CRRC, which have ordered nearly 300 metro cars, are used in cities such as the capital New Delhi, Mumbay and Kolkata.

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