Mayor Yılmaz: Atakum was revived with the rail system, it's time for Tekkeköy

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz stated that the rail system gave life to the route it passes through and said, “The rail system made Atakum a new Atakum. "It's time in Tekkeköy."
The information meeting was held in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Art Center with the participation of the municipality and OKA officials to ensure the coordination and cooperation between Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA).
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, telling the participants about his experiences in many fields from art to history, from tourism to sports, from transportation to rural development, said, “The distance we have covered as Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is really great. For example, the rail system is not a small business. It was an important work we did to advance our urban career. As a matter of fact, the rail system activated Atakum. The rail system that will now extend to Tekkeköy will revive Tekkeköy. Then we plan to extend it to the Airport. "Every place on the route of the rail system will undergo urban transformation, change and development."
"We must prevent our people from leaving the villages"
Stating that projects should be produced in order to find solutions to the migration from villages to the city with the support of rural development, Mayor Yılmaz said, “One of the important problems of Samsun, as in the whole country, is that our villages are emptied. Our villages are devastated. As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we are building roads to even the most remote villages and delivering water. Samsun has over a thousand villages. But in half there is almost no one other than a few old uncles and aunts. In a village in Vezirköprü, you are knocking on the door and an elderly person welcomes you. When we say where your children are, they say they work in Ankara, in Istanbul. We need to have guided projects that will solve these sociological problems. There must be guided projects for either education or rural development. It seems strange to me that our citizens living in the village especially do their food shopping from the city. When I hear that the chicken that was served to us in the villages we visited was bought from the city, I really get upset. While we prefer village chicken or village products, our villagers do their shopping from the cities. We have projects for rural development. But I think we need to increase these projects and connect our people to their villages and revive that natural life ”.
"We must pave the way for the industrialists"
Referring to the treacherous coup attempt on 15 July, Mayor Yılmaz said: “We live in such a geography that everyone's eyes are on this country and we are under constant attack and conspiracy to prevent our inner peace, stability and development. We need to increase our national income and get rich, so that we can never deal with such vile initiatives again. If we get rich and increase our self-sufficiency especially in critical sectors such as the defense industry, nobody will dare to such attacks. In a country that has become rich, has a developed economy and has a say, no one looks in the face of these cruel and cruel attempts. At this point, we have to make all our efforts to open the way for every entrepreneur who will invest in the industry and to remove the obstacles to investment.

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