Ankara Metro stations are equipped with battery powered wheelchairs

Ankara Metro stations are equipped with battery powered wheelchairs: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate has created konul cordless wheelchair charging tekerlekli units at metro stations for disabled citizens with power wheelchairs.
5 is able to charge disabled wheelchair users in the 6 charging station installed in different stations of Metro and Ankaray.
General Director of EGO Balamir Gündoğdu stated that while providing public transportation services in the city, their aim is to ensure that all citizens without disabilities have access to the transportation in the same way. said. .
In order to facilitate the accessibility of disadvantaged groups from one place to another, Gundogdu stated that they have implemented all the technological innovations required by the era, while providing public transportation services as EGO, while buses, especially metro lines and stations and stations are considered as disadvantageous groups. both technical arrangements are made.
In this context, the last of the last of the rail system stations used by the disabled wheelchair vehicles used by the orthopedic disabled people to record the charging units Gündoğdu General Manager, said:
“Our orthopedically disabled passengers can travel individually using their cordless tools. Now citizens with disabilities will be able to travel without worrying about 'my vehicle's battery will stay on the road'. One in Ankaray's AŞTİ station, Metro joint station in 15 July Red Crescent National Will Station, 2 in Ulus Station, 1 in Hospital Station, 1 in Wonderland Station, so that they can use their battery-powered vehicles without any energy shortage during the day. 1 charging units started to serve in 5 stations in total, 6 of which is also. ”
General Manager Gündoğdu emphasized that EGO provides safe, fast and comfortable urban public transportation services by bus, metro, Ankaray and ropeway systems, and while providing all these transportation services, he also stated that they offer equal transportation services to citizens by eliminating all physical barriers for disabled citizens.
Charging the cordless chairs in the charging stations placed in subway stations, citizens say that they have traveled without a sense of ım if my vehicle ends battery vatandaş.
Battery powered wheelchair Kızılay Metro Station, answering our questions while charging in the disability pensioner, 3 college graduate, 35-year-old Mustafa Kemal Gokbudak, 5 years ago in a traffic accident spine due to a wheelchair convicts said. . I live in Xinjiang. I usually prefer public transportation in my city trips. I was worried that the car I was using was battery-powered or that I would stay on the road. Now I can travel more freely without worrying about these charging units. I would like to thank everyone for this service. Bu
55-aged Osman Bolat said that he was disabled after the polio vaccination in 2. I 10 could not leave the disabled until the year before, to travel with public transport, not even from home, ser Bolat reproached. ”With the adoption of our presence in society, we started to make arrangements to make our life easier. The most important of these was our freedom to travel alone. These chargers for cordless chairs will allow us to travel more comfortably. I would ask these charging units to be put into the Youth Park and other parks. Ben

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