Aksa Energy Continues to Grow in Africa, New Route Madagascar

Aksa Energy Growth Continues in Africa, Madagascar New Route: Turkey's largest publicly listed independent power producer Aksa Enerji continues unabated foreign investment. After the 370 MW HFO plant in the Republic of Ghana, the company took action to build an HFO plant with an installed capacity of 120 MW in the Republic of Madagascar.
The African continent, whose energy needs have increased in recent years, has become the new focus of Aksa Energy. due to excess supply in the energy sector in Turkey by turn directions to the overseas Aksa Energy, it brings solutions to the energy problems of its investments in African countries.
700.000 MWh guaranteed sale
Aksa Energy, which continues the construction of Ghana Power Plant without slowing down and will start commissioning the power plant in the last quarter of 2016, will now produce electricity in the Republic of Madagascar.
Aksa Energy Group President, CEO and Board Member Cüneyt Uygun stated that they took the first step of African investments in the Government of Ghana; Uz We plan to start the construction of our HFO plant, which will have an installed capacity of 2017 MW in Madagascar, which will be commissioned in the year 120. This second project on the African continent is an important step in the implementation of our company's expansion strategy abroad. We anticipate that our power plant will make approximately 700.000 MWsa guaranteed sales per year. ”
Aksa Energy Group President, CEO and Board Member Cüneyt Uygun stated that the increasing demand in the region as well as the rich energy resources of the region make Africa an attractive investment center. Ihtiyacı The need for energy in the African region is increasing every year. We will commission our power plants in both the Republic of Ghana and Madagascar in order to solve the problem in this region with high growth potential. We have a five-year sales warranty for electricity to be produced in the Republic of Ghana and an 20 year sale guarantee in the Republic of Madagascar. ”
Increase in sales volume
As Aksa Energy will use the equipment in the existing fuel-oil power plants already in its portfolio in the construction of Madagascar Power Plant, the investment amount will be very low and the construction process required for the operation of the power plant will be significantly shortened. In addition, the plant will produce energy in US dollars and with high capacity in accordance with the agreement. Thus, Aksa Energy's dollar revenues and profitability will increase and the currency risk will decrease and sales volume will increase.
Aksa Energy in Turkey wind, natural gas, hydroelectric, fuel oil and electricity production with 16 2 thousand MW power plant consisting of lignite on the power board.

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