What are the duties and powers of the Board of TCDD Transportation Inc. (Special News)

What are the duties and powers of the Board of Directors of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş: Duties and powers of the TCDD Board of Directors are subject to the statute, regulation, regulation, decree, plan, program, directive, TCDD, To determine the principles and operating policies of the enterprises, the vision, mission, targets and strategies of TCDD through strategic plans, and to realize the determined objectives and objectives.
To take necessary measures to ensure regular, efficient and effective activities of TCDD in administrative, financial and technical terms, to take decisions that will ensure coordination between TCDD, establishment, subsidiaries and enterprises, annual program and operating budgets of TCDD, institution, subsidiaries and enterprises, to approve the activity reports prepared in accordance with the annual and long-term work programs, to review and finalize the annual work program and performance targets of TCDD, the company, its subsidiaries and enterprises, to monitor and evaluate the works and to approve the year-end activity report. to determine the adequacy of reaching the targets, to determine the working procedures for the effective conduct of TCDD activities and to ensure that the relevant regulations, directives and other regulations come into force.
Upon the proposal of the General Manager, in the main organizational chart of the TCDD, to decide on the establishment or abolition of the head office units up to the duties in the first and second levels after the deputy general managers, upon the proposal of the General Manager, the deputy general manager and the third member of the subsidiary supervisory board and TCDD Chairman of the Inspection Board, I. Legal Counsel, Head of Department, Regional Manager, Establishment Manager, Deputy Head of Department of Legal Counsel, Deputy Regional Director, appointing personnel to be assigned to similar positions, and monitoring the work of Head Office.
To take all necessary decisions related to the field of activity, duties and management of TCDD, to exercise the powers stated in the relevant legislation and to take decisions as a general assembly on subsidiaries,
Appointing the members of the Board of Directors and Auditing Board representing the TCDD related to the participations to which the TCDD is a shareholder, appointing a representative to the general assembly meetings of the subsidiaries in which TCDD is a shareholder, selecting the auditor regarding the audit of TCDD and its subsidiaries within the relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code. (B) To carry out the duties assigned by the Council of Ministers, by the Statutes of KHK, bylaws and their implementation.
If deemed necessary, the Board of Directors may delegate part of its powers to the General Manager by clearly stating its limits. However, the transfer of authority does not remove the responsibility of the Board of Directors.


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