Turkey Will Be Growth Fund Assets to Mega Projects to Boost Resources 1.5 Percent

Turkey Will Be Growth Fund Assets to Boost Resources for Mega Projects 1.5 Percent: Turkey Welfare Fund was established. With the giant fund, funds will be provided for mega projects such as Kanal Istanbul, 3rd Bridge and Airport. The fund aims to increase investments, achieve sustainable growth rates and ensure economic stability.
Turkey Wealth Funds Establishment of the Draft Law Amending Certain Laws and Decrees of the President of the Parliament was presented. In addition to mega projects such as Kanal Istanbul, 3rd Bridge and Airport, a new funding source is being created for Nuclear Power Plant construction, which will reduce foreign dependency. Turkey Welfare Fund will be established (TVF) by 2023 is expected to reach the target in a healthy way. Under the bill, the Prime Minister, Turkey will be established Asset Management Corporation.
50 giant company with a million capital
traded in equities of domestic and foreign companies established in Turkey shares of the issuer, trading walkable foreign public, private and public sector debt instruments, the issuer of the shares, term deposits, participation accounts, all assigned to the Treasury real estate and certificates of deposit, gold and other precious metals with issued capital market instruments based on these mines will be carried out by the company on behalf of Turkey Assets Fund. Turkey's initial capital of 50 million pounds, which will be met from the Privatization Fund Assets Fund. Capital shares will also belong to the Privatization Administration.
Accelerate development
Sub-funds and sub-companies related to the company and the fund can also be established. The funding and financing of the fund will consist of the cash surplus that has been decided to transfer from the Privatization Fund to the TVF from the institutions and assets transferred to the fund included in the privatization scope and program. It is aimed to accelerate development, achieve sustainable growth rates and ensure economic stability by providing long-term resources for real sector investments, strategic sector, companies and projects with TVF, which will be created with transfers from public funds and various funds. The fund's resources have a structure that creates its own resources over time.
Vehicle right without SCT to martyrs' relatives
The DESCRIPTION also included the following items: “Martyr spouse or children, or parents, will be able to buy a vehicle without SCT. The minimum fixed special consumption tax on mobile phones is redefined as 160 TL. Tax support is provided for the renewal of commercial vehicles. ” The primary targets to be realized with TVF are as follows:
? 10 in growth year to provide additional increase in 1.5 percent per annum.
? Expansion of the use of Islamic finance assets.
? Supporting local companies in technology-intensive sectors such as defense, aviation and software on a capital and project basis.
? Motorways, Kanal Istanbul, 3. Providing financing for large infrastructure projects such as bridges and airports and nuclear power plants without increasing public sector debt.
? Direct investment in strategic sectors without being subject to legal and bureaucratic restrictions.
Credibility will rise
With the fund established, public revenues and surplus funds directed to various investment instruments will be merged into an upper fund to provide long-term investment opportunities to the real sector. In addition to these four making manifest Turkey's savings, will increase Turkey's international credibility.

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