A first in the world, 2 thousand years of history came out from the Yenikapı excavation

A first in the world, the 2 year old history came out of the Yenikapı excavation: The archaeological excavations made during the Marmaray works, the wooden ruins of Theodosius, the oldest port of Byzantine, in Yenikapı, which has architectural ruins and street texture from the late Ottoman period. knitting appeared.
According to the news of Rıfat Doğan from Diken, the wooden knitting unearthed during excavations are known as the unexplored historical monument built for the construction of breakwaters, the continuation of Theodosius Harbor.
Experts, the sea's 5 depths of the depth of the breaks remain until today, the soil structure in Yenikapı 'slime and oxygen-free' explains.
The wooden knits of the historical harbor have never been seen in the world. The experts said that it was impossible for these braids to come out intact.
It is expected that the technique which is known in the world as a theoretical but not previously encountered technique will be on the agenda of the scientific world. It is estimated that wood knitting was done with the technique called 'batardo' today.
The oldest port of the early Byzantine period 'Theodosius Port' was uncovered, and the 36 shipwreck and 45 were found close to a thousand works. Excavations, the neolithic period of Istanbul, shed light, 8 thousand 500 years before the first Istanbullulara graves and footprints were found.

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