The daily average cost of Osmangazi Bridge to the state was 3 million lira

The daily average cost of the Osmangazi Bridge to the state was 3 million liras: It was revealed that the average daily cost of the Osmangazi Bridge, which was defined as the “best response against terrorism” by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, is 3 million Turkish lira. Calculations regarding the cost to be paid by the Treasury “It is understood that 539 thousand 68 cars are missing. Multiply this $ 90 ($ 30) by $ 48.5 million. The daily loss of the state is approximately 3 million TL. Besides, this is only money from the Treasury, that is, out of our pocket, for cars that do not pass ”.
The calendars were showing 23 April 2016. After the tightening of the esinde last deck mas screw with big ceremonies; in this corner Osmangazi Bridge's toll is $ 35 per car, and our Treasury's bridges to the contractor, 40 thousand vehicles are guaranteed to pass a day.
Two days ago, the citizen had found the transition from the Osmangazi Bridge expensive and the number of those who used the bridge was far below the guarantee given by the Treasury, Yeni Şafak newspaper close to the government wrote.
I read the news with interest. According to this important news, 11 26 16 100 932 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
That's not to say 40 bin 6 bin 308 vehicle per day.
Note that this number is determined by the amount of 2010 35 $ 30 XNUMX to understand how much higher than the price of the transition fee is reduced to $ XNUMX.
Let's make a simple calculation: If in this 16 day the foresight of the Treasury's contract with the companies is lower than the limit, that is, if at least one 40 car passed by the day, the total number of vehicles to pass must be around 640 thousand.
Based on the data from Yeni Şafak's news, the 539 bin 68 is missing. Multiply this 90 TL (30 dollars) with 48.5 million TL. The daily loss of the state is about 3 million TL. Besides, this is the money that comes out of the Treasury for the cars that do not only pass.
There are more trucks, heavy vehicles and four separate cuts on the motorway except the suspension bridge.
5 billion dollar bail
Well, these incredible astronomical guarantees, the short name Otoyol A.Ş. Why was the Nurol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Yüksel-Göçay consortium awarded?
And why was this guarantee guaranteed by 2035 with this BOT project?
The answer to the official discourse is clear: The route 90 is shorter. More accurately; In the words of President Erdoğan, who frequently repeated that they continue to make every sacrifice for the investors, he said, m It turns time into cash yatırım.
According to the 11-26 July dates, 16 daily Osmangazi data show us that this nation prefers cash rather than time. These folks preferred the IDO ferries, which are much more economical than the Osmangazi Bridge toll. As the price remains and the contract is not revised, it is similar to continuing to translate IDO.
Imagine a project like this, a project you can vouch for with 5 billion dollars, such as ”debt undertaking k is not enough, every day you take out your pocket 3 million TL.
Under these circumstances, how long can you boast that ün Time 1 has gone down to 6 per hour Bu?
2035 year, more 19 year. 19 will be willing to release 3 million TL from the Treasury every day during the year?
What is the point of encouraging foreign capital to adopt Turkuaz Card laws while it is agreed?
What do you think involves a rearrangement of foreign direct investment ceaselessly to invite Turkey to stay in good before? 20-25 is not the time to do cost-benefit analysis in these projects that do not have sustainability for years and treasure treasury resources?
Without making these analyzes, do you think that tendering the Kanal İstanbul project with the same logic will positively affect the macroeconomic balances of this country?
And you know, if the average daily vehicle is still around the 6 bin 300, while you read this article, the 20-30 for the Osmangazi Bridge was at least a thousand TL more than the Treasury.

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