Prevention with K-9s in the Istanbul subway

Measure with K-9s in Istanbul Metro: In addition to X-ray devices in busy stations such as Taksim and Şişli-Mecidiyeköy, K-9 dogs also work in search of bags and packages. Police stations are on alert for an unusual situation at metrobus stations
After the terrorist attacks and the coup attempt, security measures were raised to the highest level in Istanbul. K-9 dogs also participated in the X-ray controls implemented by the police teams at the metrobus, metro and Marmaray stations, which were used by millions of Istanbulites every day.
Number of police increased
After the consecutive terrorist attacks and the 15 July coup attempt, urban security measures were raised to the top level in Istanbul. While the number of police teams in the major squares and critical areas of the city is increased, the security measures used by the millions of Istanbul residents every day are at a high level. In addition to Marmaray, which is preferred for the transition between the Anatolian and European sides, intensive security measures attract attention.
Passing through X-ray
In the context of the security measures, especially in the morning and during the work hours, citizens are transported by X-ray devices in public transportation vehicles. Citizens, the police carried by the bag after the control of vehicles, Taksim and Sisli-Mecidiyeköy intensive stations such as X-ray devices in addition to the K-9 dogs in the search for bags and packages overtime. At the Metrobüs stations, police are vigilant for an unusual situation. X-ray security measures started to be implemented in Istanbul after the Atatürk Airport attack.

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