Karşıyaka another step on the tram

Karşıyaka Another step in the tram: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its construction Karşıyaka railway laying works at Koçtaş Interchange, which is one of the key points of the tram line, have been completed. Now we have Carrefour Junction.
Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the railroad works of Caher Dudayev Boulevard and 10006 / 1 Street and 8294 / 1 Street intersection of the tram line (Koçtaş Junction). The first of the tramway works, which will be completed in two stages, will take place at the junction of 2040 / 4 Street and 6524 Street (Carrefour Junction). 19 The first stage of the rail laying works, which will start on Friday, is planned to be completed on 10 days. During the tram line operation, temporary traffic arrangements will be made in the region.
After the completion of the first stage, the region will be opened to traffic and the second stage will start on the tram line. The second stage, which will take place at the intersection of 2040 / 3 Street and 6552 Street, will be completed in 10 days.

Routes are certain
1. At the intersection of 2040 / 4 Street and 6524 Street at the intersection of the stage, Koçtaş Junction will be used instead of the 1 intersection. 2. At the stage, the intersection of the 2040 / 3 Street and the 6552 Street intersection (Carrefour Junction) will be replaced by the Science Museum junction 2.

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