4 September Blue train services cancel

4 September Blue Cancellation of cancellation: Due to the works of Baskentray initiated by TCDD, the flights of Malatya-Ankara to 4 September Blue Train were canceled. Vangölü Express and the South Express run to Ankara instead of Kırıkkale-Irmak.
According to information obtained; The work of the ray will last up to 18 months. Within the scope of the studies, the expeditions continue with the transfer between Irmak-Ankara and Ankara-Irmak. Vangölu Express, 51531 and South Express 51541 are going to Kırıkkale. From there, passengers are transported to Ankara by bus.
Arası 2114 4 September Blue Train 11.07.2016 (including 51123) has been canceled from Malatya teAnkara since the 4 (included). 10.07.2016 September Blue train XNUMX (including XNUMX) was canceled between Ankara and Malatya. X Information was included.
Yer 51531 Vangölu Express, 51541 South Express arrivals and departures times have changed in Kayseri and 02.12 departure time 02.22, was included in the announcement.
He also made the following statement about the canceled statements:
. 21206 Çukurova Express Since the date of 11.07.2016, Ankara Boğazköprü and 61205 Çukurova Express have been canceled between Boğazköprü Ankara since the date of 10.07.2016. “

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